Sathish V JDirector & Technical Architect

Areas of Expertise
  • Golang
  • Angular
  • Google Cloud
  • AI / ML
  • Blockchain

Sathish V J is Director and Technical Architect at Opsten

Sathish VJ has been a technology enthusiast and active developer for 18+ years.  He is a full stack developer working primarily with Angular in the frontend and Golang for the backend and utilities.  Over the years he has worked on a wide set of technologies and projects including Windows drivers, network management systems, enterprise storage products, billing systems, web projects, and mobile apps using cross platform technologies.  He has been a systems architect at startups and also established big companies like Red Hat.

He is a continuous learner and invests considerable time these days picking up Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.  He’s a regular speaker at many events and has spoken often of late about the blockchain, investing in cryptocurrencies, and laws and policies in India for it.  He advises and invests in a few companies, a majority of them being in the AI/ML space.

Interesting facts about Sathish

Sathish is a multi linguist and speaks 8 languages. He also translates lyrics when he has some free time.

The Leadership Team

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