Icinga Professional Services

Icinga is a highly scalable and robust, next generation monitoring tool for IT infrastructure. Icinga helps you monitor your network, servers and applications in a secure and reliable way and keep an eye on your infrastructure and stay up-to-date with current issues. Opsten engineers are quite familiar with Icinga and can help you with the following services:

Icinga implementation assessment

Our engineers can help you in assessing whether Icinga is a good fit for your IT infrastructure environment. This is a minimum three day engagement which can be done ideally on site, but in some cases remotely as well.

Nagios to Icinga migration

If you are a Nagios user and once you see the benefits of Icinga in a POC, the next logical step would be a full fledged migration. Our experts can help you in the best approach to migrate all your monitoring infra to Icinga. The compatibility of Icinga with Nagios shall definitely help to reduce the migration time.

Icinga / Nagios plugin development

Monitoring varies between company to company. Usually, we have seen that no two monitoring infra are the same. You might need specialised plugins to match your exact requirements. We custom develop Nagios or Icinga plugins to meet your requirement.

Icinga Integrations

Integrations enable you to combine Icinga with your favourite tools and workflows. Integrations are available for Puppet, Docker, Chef, Vagrant, Foreman, Grafana, Elastic and more. Our monitoring specialists can help you integrate Icinga with your DevOps tool of choice.

Icinga Cloud Setup

The Icinga Cloud is a straightforward, modern open source monitoring tool for your infrastructure. With the Icinga Cloud, you get your fully preconfigured monitoring stack or just add an external perspective. We can help you setup and configure your own Icinga Cloud to take your monitoring to the next level.

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