Containerization Services

Containers help you in shipping your software without dependencies. Docker is among the leading containerization platform. Opsten is a Docker partner.

Caontainerizing your applications

Our expert DevOps engineers can help you in shipping your software applications using Docker. We help you containerize your applications and set up a private registry for shipping sensitive data. We also help you in evaluating and setting up right orchestration for your containerized environment. We have experience in managing both bare-metal as well as cloud based Docker container deployments.

Docker Training & Workshops

We also conduct basic and advanced workshops to help you get a head start with Docker platform. Our workshops are fully hands-on and helps in faster on-boarding towards the technology. Each workshop is 12 hours long and is covered over 2 days. Public workshops have a fixed course outline whereas corporate workshops can be customized to fit the needs of the company. In the Docker Workshop, we cover the following topics.

  • Introduction to containers
  • Difference between virtual machines and containers
  • Docker setup
  • Basic Docker commands
  • Docker Machine
  • Introduction to Docker images
  • Building Docker images
  • Introduction to Docker registry
  • Docker networking concepts
  • Docker Remote API
  • Docker Compose
  • Docker Cluster Management*
    • Docker Swarm and Swarm mode (new in Docker 1.12)
    • Intro to Kubernetes (Updated for latest Kuberentes)
    • Intro to Apache Mesos and Marathon
  • Continuous Integration using Jenkins
  • Demo of CoreOS

*For corporate training, clients can choose to have intro to all the three cluster management solutions or deep dive into Docker Swarm or Kubernetes

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