Expert Icinga Services to help you monitor your IT infrastructure and gain Enterprise visibility

Initial Assessment & Icinga Best Practices Review

As part of the Initial Assessment services, our expert consultants conducts a thorough assessment of your existing IT infrastructure and device landscape.
We Identify specific requirements, business processes, and security policies and develop a comprehensive understanding of goals and expectations
Sometimes, teams need a second set of expert eyes on an existing Icinga setup to ensure they haven’t missed a step or made a decision that might cost them down the road.

An assessment from our consultants focused on guidelines, configurations, workflows, and best practices is a smart choice that provides peace of mind for your project— and time and cost savings by optimizing your decisions and eliminating potential issues upfront so they don’t cost you more in the future.

Icinga Professional Services

We help you in making the best use of Icinga to enable better visibility of your entire IT infrastructure. Our Solution Design Services includes the processes of designing, setting up and implementing Icinga IT Infrastructure Monitoring Solution based on inference from the Initial Assessment. 

Sub activities include:

  • Design and architect the monitoring solution
  • Deploy the solution
  • Testing & Go Live
  • Training & Knowledge Transfer

Official Icinga Support

Icinga Support is offered by Icinga partners. Supports plans can be purchased from Opsten based on your Icinga infrastructure. Opsten provide ongoing support for the Monitoring Solution, including troubleshooting, issue resolution, and periodic system updates.

We help you stay up to date with the latest features and enhancements for the offered solution and advise you on potential improvements or optimizations.

Icinga Basic Support

 Icinga plans start with the Basic plan which includes 8×5 support and covers 2 Icinga Servers.

Icinga Premium Support
The Icinga Premium plan is suited for clients with a mid sized Icinga infrastructure. This covers 5 Icinga servers and provides 8×5 support

Icinga Enterprise Support
The Enterprise Support plan for Icinga is suitable for demanding customers require expert support available 24×7. The plan covers 10 Icinga servers and more can be added as required at additional costs.

Icinga Solutions

Across your entire infrastructure, Icinga gives you the power to watch any host and any application and monitor private, public, or hybrid clouds. Icinga is perfect for large and diverse environments. Hundreds of plugins are available in the official library or simply write your own ones.

Opsten is a Premium Icinga partner. We are equipped to offer enterprise consulting and support services to clients across sectors and borders. We work as an extended team to help you achieve your business goals

We work with some of the top companies globally including