Enterprise IT Infrastructure Monitoring with Icinga

Monitor you entire IT Infrastructure

Icinga is a highly scalable, enterprise grade IT infrastructure monitoring solution used by some of the biggest companies globally including ING, Audi, Mercedes Benz, Emirates NBD, CERN, Deloitte and more. Enterprise IT infrastructure visibility is a challenge faced by most IT teams. Our experts at Opsten uses icinga to help you in giving you optimum visibility of your IT infrastructure whatever the scale.
Icinga is used by some of the top companies globally including

Enterprise Visibility

With modern IT infrastructures you have to tame almost boundless complexity whilst knowing the health, work and performance of all your systems and applications. A full-stack monitoring solution brings it all together, instantly informs you when an error occurs and enables you to localize and solve it quickly. Prevent outages and optimize your IT!

The Icinga 6 in 1 Stack

Icinga is a comprehensive and enterprise-ready monitoring solution that integrates easily in existing infrastructures and is unbeatable in configuration possibilities, automation and scaling.

The Icinga stack spans six core strengths that cover all aspects of monitoring. Level up with valuable insights and on-time notifications, eye-opening visuals and analytics. Icinga easily integrates within your systems, and gives you the power to automate your tasks.

Infrastructure Monitoring

Availability, performance and trends: Know the state of everything at all times. Be flexible when building and scaling your monitoring setup.

Monitoring Automation
Manage massive amounts of monitoring objects. Use the Director or other modules to automatically import and synchronize all kinds of data.

Cloud Monitoring
Monitor private, public, or hybrid clouds all in one monitoring system, and stay independent from your cloud provider with your monitoring.

Metrics & Logs
Our integrations allow you to collect, store, visualize and combine performance and metrics data on the way. Get alerted on patterns.

Discover relations and patterns. Create reports with your existing data for different aspects. Filter certain servers/VMs to get dedicated insights.

Having knowledge is the first step when solving incidents. Icinga notifies you when it makes sense through any channel you want.

Scalable & Flexible

Icinga is an open source monitoring system which checks the availability of your network resources, notifies users of outages and generates performance data for reporting. Scalable and extensible, Icinga can monitor large, complex environments across multiple locations.

As a highly scalable enterprise monitoring solution, Icinga continuously monitors all systems in your network, collecting data on availability and performance, and generating alerts in the event of unplanned downtime or problems. Across your entire infrastructure, Icinga gives you the power to watch any host and any application. It’s for detailed analysis as well as for quick actions. It’s for drawing conclusions and gaining confidence.

Icinga Solutions

Across your entire infrastructure, Icinga gives you the power to watch any host and any application and monitor private, public, or hybrid clouds. Icinga is perfect for large and diverse environments. Hundreds of plugins are available in the official library or simply write your own ones.

Our partnership with Icinga has enabled us to help our enterprise customers in giving them a better visibility of the their entire IT infrastructure and adapt to changes and challenges in quickest possible way.