Enterprise IT Infrastructure Monitoring and Integrated Information Security

Monitor & Protect

Enterprise IT infra visibility

At Opsten, we specialize in empowering enterprises to protect and grow their businesses through comprehensive visibility and security of their IT infrastructure. Leveraging cutting-edge technology and a people-first approach, we focus on safeguarding the digital assets of large-scale organizations, ensuring their operations are secure and aligned with their ambitious business objectives.

Global Expertise

Throughout its journey, Opsten has been active in more than 20 countries worldwide, offering remote consulting, engineering, and in-depth training classes for open source solutions. The company's growth and expansion into new markets reflect its dedication to delivering high-quality open source solutions and its ability to adapt and thrive in the ever-evolving IT landscape.

Solutions Delivered

Enterprise IT infra automation using open source tools

At Opsten, we believe in delivering value to our clients. At one of the leading tech companies globally, we were able to save more than a million dollas in licensing costs by deploying enterprise grade IT infrastructure automation using fully open source tools.

We deployed open source Puppet & Foreman to automate the IT infrastructure provisioning and manage the IT infrastructure of more than 5000 servers spread across the globe resulting in huge savings in time and costs.

Integrity, Transparency, Accountability

We work with our clients to solve their problems in the most optimum way. We believe in a partnership approach with our clients. Thsi is the reason we have succeeded where many have failed.
"They have made my life a lot easier. We can now provision servers across environments within minutes instead of several hours and sometimes multiple days we took earlier."
A Raj
Senior Manager, IT - Fortune 500 Company
"We now have full visibility of our IT infrastructure. Opsten's support in implementing Icinga helped us in being more proactive in offering IT services to our internal stakeholders. "
DevOps Engineer - Leading Bank in GCC
"Our technical architects and senior engineers are now ready to deploy IT infrastructure automation tools - thanks to the training and consulting services from Opsten"
John S
Senior Manager, Team Competence, Top SI

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Opsten has had the opportunity to work with several Fortune 500 companies, significantly enhancing its portfolio and reputation in the industry. Some of the notable names include